Welcome to

Central Iowa Pest Control.

We are excited to have you on the team and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. As our customer we want you to feel comfortable knowing that you are living in a pest free environment. Below you will find our mission statement and our guiding principles that we live by every day we do business. We thank you again and can't wait to get started.


We offer:

  • Pest Treatments
  • Mice and Wildlife Removal


Pest treatments

We offer any pest treatments from a one-time service to our Annual Protection Plans. These services cover all general household pests.

• Ants

• Bed Bugs

• Beetles

• Bees

• Carpenter Ants

• Centipedes

• Cockroaches

• Crickets

• Fleas

• Hornets

• Mice

• Millipedes

• Mites

• Moths

• Paper Wasps

• Pillbugs

• Rats

• Silverfish

• Spiders

• Water Bugs

• Yellow Jackets



Annual Protection Plans
Everybody has a different level of tolerance when it comes to dealing with pests. We pride ourselves on listening and taking the time to find out exactly what you are looking for in a pest control service. We then tailor the program to fit your needs. All of our plans come with a Satisfaction Guarantee which states:


Satisfaction Guarantee – If you have any unexpected pest related issues that arise between the Agreed Annual Protection Plan treatments we will come out and service free of charge. Note that the satisfaction guarantee includes all crawling insects, but excludes flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, etc), wood destroying insects, rodents, bats and bed bugs.


Other companies may have something similar in place, but will they honor it is the question. I can assure you that if you call regarding this Satisfaction Guarantee we will have someone out there within 24 hours and we have current customers that will testify to this. Some of our most popular plans include:


Plan Treatments Satisfaction Guarantee
Monthly 12 Year Round
Bimonthly 6 Year Round
Quarterly 4 Year Round
Summer Season 3 9 months


Mice & Rats

Mice and Rats require different treatments depending on each specific situation. Baiting programs, snap traps and adhesive traps all play a part in the control of mice and rats. Much like our pest treatments we will listen and ask questions to find out what the best possible solution is for you.


Other Wildlife

Moles & Voles




Just one mole can do major damage to your yard that you put so much work into. You can identify these rodents by the raised turf as they tunnel through your sod looking for sub soil insects.  We offer both mole treatment plans as well as mole prevention plans. New methods and products have been developed to treat moles and now we can control moles better than ever before. Our mole treatment plan is a 4 step process that cures any current mole issues that you are dealing with.


The mole prevention plan is directed towards those residents or businesses that have chronic mole problems year in and year out. We have a repellent that we treat your lawn with that the moles learn to avoid. These treatments will have to be repeated periodically to keep up the mole barrier in place.